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The Most Important Chinese Social Media Networks

January 23, 2018
chinese social media

A lot of the large luxury investment groups are already heavily invested in China. Apart from owning (often too big) retail networks, they are buying the reach of Chinese KOLs and celebrities and producing collections and holiday specials only to cater to the cultural tastes of their Chinese customers. Social media and specific high-end media buys are a huge part of penetrating this lucrative market.…

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How To Leverage Social Media For Fashion eCommerce

August 13, 2017
social media for fashion ecommerce

In this weeks guide, we want to explore how we can leverage social media in fashion eCommerce. Social Media can be used to achieve a magnitude of business goals, be it reach, branding, community building, customer reviews, lead generation or direct sales.  But what goals are the most important in fashion eCommerce? And which channels and methods lead to good results?…

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